Friday, September 21, 2007


My first day at Oracle, Lexington Towers, office was easy, infact the first whole month. Never knew that I never knew anything. And then now after a month, they have started assigning me bugs to resolve. first reaction was to check that when the bug was filed and who was the filer, quite obvious. The bug was filed by someone in 2004 and now has left the company, at least does not have his/her name in the company database. Fine, lets not bother about that, lets move ahead and understand the bug. I never knew what I am going to see is a whole lot of 1000 words with 70% being just abbreviations, acronyms. How the hell was I going to understand Oracle's internal jargon? Hmm..but I never loose.after this is what was IIT Kanpur was all about. One can complete his/her B.Tech (in any damn topic) with just a internet connection, an internet browser, and with Google servers up!!! And this is what I was going to do. Google. I could just get half of the jargons on the web, but half of them were still out there. And so started my world of discovering them. Up on my floor(I am on 6th floor) were my other team mates. I must say most of them were really helpful. Finally, with much of the hassles, I was able to understand from them what the bug was all about. One thing more I came to know was that I had nothing to do to solve the bug. :( . All I had to do was to write a mail to the concerned team stating what they must do so that the bug is all gone. Wow!! that was so simple, you work so hard to understand the bug just to come to know that the bug is not yours.

Well that was all of the first bug with no hands on required on the box.

One fine day, I entered Oracle all so enthusiastic and charged up, as I always am. Had the same prototypic south Indian breakfast of Idli and sambhar(with some chutney of course). Right there bhupc was on his desk at 9:30. Wow!! How come I manage my time so good? This was the first applaud I gave to myself on the day. No one , and take my word, only me, never knew what was going to happen on the day next. I was asked to create a view. A view, and what the hell was that. Never mind, Oracle is all about learning and I have done this before, going about and disturbing people to ask them the most trivial of the questions of which they are masters now( I hope so :)) . Back I was at my desk. Had all the information and the commands to install a view. Bang on. I was ready to solve the bug. But wait..These are all linux commands and the machine I have is a Windows machine. Where the hell am I supposed to run these commands? Oh God!!! I am missing something. I was wasting my time. Do hell with my time management. So got to go again and learn where to get a linux box. And then Icame toknow I need to apply for a hosted linux box, another jargon, which means I need to get a physical machine allocated to me in Austin data centre of Oracle. Oh that sounds exciting, I will be soon having two machines. So what am I going to do the whole day. Just littering about. And I did the same for next two days after which I could get my linux box and NIS account. Ah thank God!! It was done...But installing the view was next being challenge....
Moral of the story : The great time managers in the external world just become the greatest when they join Oracle !!!

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