Friday, April 24, 2009

Menucard Of Dreams

@copyright: Bhupesh Chandra (

Here I go, into the "Restaurant of Sleep", in the "Kingdom of Rest". I looked around with my droopy eyes and ordered the "Menucard Of Dreams".

Out they came, the watch guards of sleep,the boys I mean, and softly questioned, "You looking for something special?". I looked at them, too many of them, and answered, "Oh yes, indeed! Something special, as special as the first rain. Do you guys prepare the "Future"? The boys turned gay, smiles all around, spoke to me, "Oh sure, absolutely. No problemo Sir! We serve the "Future", you taste it the best when you are here at the "Restaurant of Sleep", in the "Kingdom of Rest".

"And so be it", I ordered my "Future". I was excited ,didn't bother to ask the wait time for my "Future".

I was hungry as it was too late for dinner, I suppose. But still too many around, many many around. What must have they ordered? Future? I started rolling my eyes, to every corner of the place. Lots!!. The rich and the poor, men and women, , both coupled and singles, blacks and whites. GOSH!!! they are all here. What's the day today? Nothing I would wish to celebrate of. I answered myself.

To my right was a table. As long as it could be. Perpendicular to the table was a queue. As long as it could be. It was a buffet, they were serving the "Past". The people looked desperate to taste it. But the one's who tasted did not look happy. Tears all around that corner, they ate every bit, cried all around and went back into the queue. I guess, the "Past" was bitter. I shook my brows, called the boys, the watch guards of Sleep, "Why do you server the Past? Don't you see they are crying there. They are in pain." Mused by my inquisitiveness, they said, "We serve it as it sells the best. They like it that way, you know." "OOOOOhhh......"I expressed myself. And the boys left.

I spied again, all over the place. To my left, was a table, again. The table was small. Perpendicular to the table was queue. The queue was small. The folklore was gay and merry. They brought parents and children. They look relaxed.I was curious. It was buffet - they were serving the "Present". Wow!! I raised my brows and came again, the boys, the watch guards of Sleep. "Did you see there, how happy those folks are. Why don't you prepare it more. More the Present, more the happiness." The boys, so smart, mused again, with a smile on face, answered "We sell as per demand. We don't charity, you see. It just that many don't know the taste of the "Present". "OOOOOhhhh...." ! I returned the favor and then the boys left.

So much food, so many emotions, I grew hungry. What is the time? I asked myself as I glanced at my watch "its almost dawn." I grew furious, and angry and shouted to call the boys, the watch guards of Sleep. "Where is my Future. You see, I ordered it long back. I am hungry." The boys look worried this time, a grin on the face, sadly they announced:

We do not know how to prepare your Future. We only prepare the Present and the Past. When we took your order, we gave you time, a time to make a choice, to see the people around, the food around. But we still see you waiting. Definitely you are hungry. So why don't you choose one - Present or the Past, because we don't have the Future, nobody has it. Sir.